Music by the Red Willow Band

Song Samples: Way Back When

The best tracks from the 2 original LPs released in the 70's; Red Willow Band and Note For Note.  Digitally re-mastered for the best sound possible and a few bonus tracks thrown in for good luck.

Tyin' The Knot
Battle The Bottle
Finally Hit Bottom
Game Of Chance
Finding My Way
Hell Or High Water
Very Old Friend
Wake Me
Beautiful Lie
Finally Hit Bottom
Arms Around Me
Magic Bird
Leftover Blues
2 O' Clock Shuffle

Concert recorded by South Dakota Public Broadcasting in September of 2006 at the Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls, SD.  Mixed by Chris Gage at MoonHouse Studio, this CD shows the band at its finest in front of a great audience of 300.

Tom & Jerry
You’re All I Need
Roly Poly
You Gotta Be Crazy
Stage Fright
Orange Blossom Special

Live in the day....digitally re-mastered recordings of live shows in the 70's.  Taken from old cassettes and reel-to-reel tapes, the sound quality is not the best, but the energy is just like you remember! 

Were you there??

Wake Me
Beautiful Lie
Finally Hit Bottom
Arms Around Me
Magic Bird
Leftover Blues
2 O' Clock Shuffle
Reunion! DVD

A companion to the Reunion CD, this 3 DVD set from South Dakota Public Broadcasting offers video concerts 30 years apart by the same 5 members of the Red Willow Band.  Bonus footage includes interviews with the band and friends as well as nostalgia and a few surprises.  Don't miss this set, it's bound to be a limited edition.

this here's a flat music box
carved of red willow wood
lined with original tunes from original throats
sewn by an original band
like it's been filled with shavings planed
from the plains
song blossoms sprouted from dakota
people roots,
a family album of first time photos of life
from the musical lenses of midwestern eyes
twelve songs like fountains and springs
waterfalls and deep wells
from places always before thought dry
it's a new species entirely in here singing
like a dawn with seven skies
like first discovering a new color,
a new number,
new moons rising or a new lover
in here there're words braided
and tunes homemade
on looms of rivers and pines,
it's filled with what this garden
grew from seed
what's in here is twelve clear breaths harvested
from hearts and weeps and other
kinds of wings,
this here's all shaped from strings and
singing sticks
carved with a musical chisel
deep into this red willow box.

Jack Kreitzer
Bald Mountain

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